Short Film Practical Analysis: Directing 1

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311SFP1 ZK 3 2T English winter

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The course is intended for students in the planning stages of their own short films. The aim of the course is for students to have exposure to a range of directing styles in order to better execute their vision. However, all students interested in learning the practical techniques of directing are welcome.

Mode of study

Seminar, discussion

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Course contents

Although a script poses infinite possibilities for realization common situations frequently occur. This course will examine such basic occurrences (three or four person dialogue, movement shots, car scenes, landscapes, cityscapes) and how various directors have interpreted them in the short film form.

We will analyze specific situations and the rudiments of directing them. Our analysis will be deepened by an examination of well-constructed short films and to constructively critize films with various weaknesses.

The course is intended for students both who plan to direct their own short films and for those looking for skills to critique and analyze short films. Students interested in learning the full spectrum of film analysis from various dramatic styles to the practical techniques of directing are welcome.

Recommended or required reading

Katz, Steven. Shot by Shot, Michael Wiese Production, 1991

Assessment methods and criteria



Writing assignment: A two page (double-spaced) essay comparing and contrasting the structure of two films of their choice shown in the course. The paper has to be submitted by November 30, 2017. Please send it by email (no paper copies) to: with the subject: Short Films Practical Analysis--NameOfYourCourse (APP, CET,...etc). Papers not submitted in this fashion will not be graded.


The course grade will be calculated as follows:

-Active participation in seminar discussions (20%)

-Final writing assignment(80%)


Detailed syllabus available upon request in FAMU International office.

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room 107
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once in two weeks, start Sept 30
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Mon 19:00–22:00 Pavel MAREK Room No. 1
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once in two weeks, start Sept 30 lecture parallel1

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