Realm of Montage

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311REM0 exam 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 57 to 72 hours of self-study English winter and summer

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Montage sequences create emotions in film, and they show not only the work of the editor but also the specific film language and philosophy of the director. We will study excerpts from well-known films that express interestingly extreme and emotional life situations, set moods and themes, introduce characters.

Man Ray used to say when he was teaching: „Think of your film as of a necklace that consists of individual jewels - sequences“. We will try to understand what choices helped the famous filmmakers to create those jewels.

Learning outcomes

Understanding the effects of a chosen film language style on the emotion that it evokes in the audience.

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Evaluation methods and criteria

Students will choose one typical emotional situation (fight, sex, death, falling in love, loneliness), and shoot and edit the same scene using two different editing methods. It can be shot on an iPhone, technical quality is not important. What matters is the idea. The result will be two short sequences expressing the same emotion, each up to three minutes long and each done in a different cinema style.



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