Central European Cinemas within the Context of the World Cinema

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311CEW0 zkouška 3 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 57 až 72 hodin domácí příprava anglicky zimní

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This course is part of a two-course sequence, one in each semester. Students can take either part without prerequisite, or both, if they have time and interest. Films, lectures, and readings will be different in both semesters. The first semester will focus on a avant-garde movement and traditions which have shaped Central European Cinema from within, while the second semester will focus more specifically on the cinematic history of the four Visegrad countries in Central Europe.

Central Europe has long been known as an artistic and intellectual island within the greater European sphere. Although ravaged by war, foreign occupation, and totalitarian governments for much of the last few centuries, Central Europe has managed to survive and often thrive as centers of culture and artistic experimentation. This course will focus on films from several influential areas in Central Europe with the goal of examining how this region’s history has impacted its culture by looking at avant-garde cinema and its influence on popular genre cinema. In addition to focusing on film theory, we will also be discussing cultural history and media theory, learning approaches to “reading” films not only as movies, but also as multi-faceted cultural artifacts. To this end, our readings will contain primary source materials on cinema history, historical research, film theory, and literature intended to broaden our understanding of the various cultures, visual and otherwise which inform cinema creation in this part of Europe.

While this syllabus gives a fairly accurate portrayal of the material we will cover, additional material may be assigned (and assigned material may be dropped or altered) at any time as the semester progresses, in order to better suit the needs and interests of the class.

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Throughout the semester, this course will teach students how to approach the cultural and historical elements which are the backbone of every film, while also applying film and cultural theory to a variety of visual media. Students will also gain a deeper appreciation of cultural history and how it relates to their own creative processes, with the aim of giving students tools useful in all aspects of the filmmaking process. Students will also learn how to present their ideas and analysis in a clear, concise, and above all, effective manner.

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This course will be graded according to 5 areas— class attendance, class participation, a 4-5 page midterm paper, consultations with me on the final project, and an in class final exam. The breakdown is here:

Students must hand in all work and attend all meetings with me to get a final grade.


Instructor: Mgr. Nick Hudáč, Ph.D.

Office: Nám. Jana palacha 2, Katedra filmových studií, Filozofická Fakulta UK 406

Office hours: Friday 14:00-15:00 and online by appointment

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