Uses of Philosophies in Film

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This course will give the student an understanding of how philosophical and intellectual ideas can be used as the basis for writing and creating films.

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lecture, discussion

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Philosophical ideas have throughout history inspired storytellers to explore prominent intellectual questions from the very intimate ethical questions of our human experiences to complex metaphysical questions about reality itself. While some of these influences can be seen in the cultural background of the films and their maker, often the influences are much more direct and acknowledged by the creators. These ideas have not only given inspiration the to filmmakers, but have themselves been used as the very bases of stories and characters.

The purpose of the seminar is to explore how different influential philosophical ideas have been used by filmmakers in storytelling. It is not a seminar on film theory or film interpretation but rather a practical look at how the filmmakers have from the very conception of their stories used philosophical ideas in their films.

Prior knowledge of philosophy is not required.

Recommended or required reading

Falzon, Christopher: Philosophy goes to the movies: (Routledge, 2007)

Assessment methods and criteria

To receive credit for the seminar students must:

Produce a final essay (1500 words) or a short film script (5 pages)


2 hours every second week

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room 241
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Wed 12:20–13:55 Priit POHJALA Room No. 3
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