The Realm of Montage 2

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311RM2 ZK 3 3T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim is to inspire students' analytical thought over the creating of emotion and its significance in film as well as to enable them to test their observations in practice.

Mode of study

Classes are made up of example screenings, their analyses including a summary of necessary theory and history information, as well as from guided discussions.

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Course contents

Continuation of „The Realm of Montage 1“. A film is expressed through emotion, not thought, an emotion is created in film editing. An editing sequence demonstrate not only the editor's art but reflects the director's thought, philosophy and ethics and particular film language. This will be discussed further through analyses of exerpts from known and lesser-known films.

Recommended or required reading

Screening Modernism - Kovacs

The Technique of Film and Video Editing - Dancyger

The Technique of Film Editing - Reisz

Assessment methods and criteria

Students, at the last class, screen two variations of one sequence (shot and edited as assigned), which demonstrates their understanding of assembly potential.


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