Prague - A Long Story Short

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311PLSS Z 2 English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students should learn to load and operate a Bolex 16 mm camera and to edit a film copy on a flatbed.

Mode of study

Practical exercise.

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Course contents

Documentary exercise shot on 16mm Bolex camera in the space of Prague. Final film consist of real situation of larger scale shot with a narrative element. A developing real situation followed in such a way, that a character, a prop or some aspect of environment create a chance to introduce gradual development and frames the whole situation and theme.

We will brainstorm and choose together a concrete event / situation / place where the shooting is situated. 2 reells (each 3 mins.) of 16mm footage represents a challenge to combine preparation and openness to what is happening - including the prediction and decisions what must be shot.

Final length: 1-3 mins.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Even though pass/fail grade assigned the exercise is thoroughly evaluated during the Fall term projects projection by all present tutors, teachers and guests.



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