Mentor Workshop: Editing 1

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311MWE1 Z 5 4T English winter

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The primary aim of this workshop is to introduce the main topics associated with film editing such as the shot, camera angle, camera movement, space and time, composition, continuity editing, film sound, sound and space, film music, etc.. Students will also focus on the script, to its narrative structure, story and plot, character and conflict.

Students will learn the process of editing fiction and documentary films by applying both storytelling and technical skills. Students should understand their role as an essential co-operator and not only capable technician.

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This workshop will focus on creative process of editing. Students will explore its craft and importance and will have first-hand experience of editing is a directing the film for the second time.

They are going to be led by carry out their own and other students films from the rough cut to final cut and through that discovering the magic of the film language.

Recommended or required reading

As discussed within the workshop

Assessment methods and criteria

Students should keep the mentor informed about all assigments they have and fulfil all mentors tasks in time.

Exeptional circumstances for absence will be considered, but students should notify the mentor at least one day in advance.


Hedvika Hansalova is film and TV editor. She has graduated from FAMU - Editing department in 2006. During her studies she spent one semester in Nottingham Trent University - Department of Live and Performance Art, UK. In 2008 she programmed a film section called Cinema Extreme at Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest, focusing on films crossing the borders of genre and Czech experimental cinema. As an editor she participates on many TV Programmes as well as on fiction films and documentaries and cooperates reguraly with several visual artists.

Filmography - selected credits:

Fiction films:

In Silence (dir. Zdeněk Jiráský, 2014/90min.)

My Dog Killer (dir. Mira Fornay, 2013/87min.)

I Have a Body There (dir. Adéla Babanová, 2012/31min.)

Foxes (dir. Mira Fornay, 2009/83min.)

Fobia (dir. Michal Nohejl, 2006/12min.)

Radio Kebrle (dir. Zdeněk Durdil, 2006/16min.)

Alzbeta (dir. Mira Fornay, 2005/25min.)

Small Untold Secrets (dir. Mira Fornay, 2003/21 min.)

The Zone (dir. Petr Zahrádka, 2002/30 min.)

The Hero (dir. Petr Zahrádka, 2001/15min.)


Daniel's World (dir. Veronika Lišková, 2014/73min.)

Treating History (dir. Vít Janeček, 2013/84min.)

Slightly Better World (dir. Veronika Lišková, 2011/57min.)

Great Oppurtunity (dir. Vít Janeček, 2011/64min.)

MemOry (dir. Vít Janeček, 2010/37min.)

The Touch of Dance (dir. Veronika Hrdinová, 2010/52min.)

One Love (dir. Petr Zahrádka, 2009/72min.)

Ivetka and the Mountain (dir. Vít Janeček, 2008/84min.)

The History of Jaroslav Šabata (dir. Vít Janeček, 2007/52min.)

The Paper Assassination (dir. Radim Procházka, 2007/52min.)

Film Schools and Societies (dir. Karel Slach, 2007/52min.)

The Tent (dir. Jiří Lívanec, 2005/26min.)

Krejča Behind the Gate (dir. Radim Procházka, 2005/57min.)

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Wed 14:00–16:25 Tomáš DORUŠKA

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