Screenwriting Masterclass with Paulo Filipe Monteiro

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311MSM credit 1 4 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per academic year, 22 to 27 hours of self-study English winter

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Part 1: – 13th October 10am – 12pm

Film Screening of Noites Claras (2024)- working copy dur. 100 min + Q and A

Where: Screening Room at Lažanský Palác, FAMU Main Building – Smetanovo nábřeží 2

Part 2: 14th October 10am – 12pm

Screenwriting Masterclass

Room 3 – FAMU Main Building, Lažanský palác, Smetanovo nábřeží 2 

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When trying to contribute to the state of the art of a theory of screenwriting, we realise the little we have advanced since Pasolini's essay in 1965. 

Comparing writing for film with writing for other arts such as music and theatre can be of some use. 

Basically, there are two ways of conceiving screenwriting. One is as a transcription of the chaos, of the phantoms that have to be shed in verbal language in order to start a production. Ingmar Bergman, for instance, states he starts with something very vague, “mood-like”, a “brightly colored thread sticking out of the dark sack of the unconcious”.  But we can also understand screenwriting as anticipation, aufhebung, ghost of what is to come but is still suspended in words and will die once the film is produced (a cocoon, says Carrière). 

Abou Paulo Filipe Monteiro

Professor of cinema and of performing arts at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.  

Has published extensively on cinema, performing arts and fiction.  

His book Drama e Comunicação was elected best book of 2010 by Coimbra University Press; it was also published in Brazil in 2012. In 2012 he published Imagens da Imagem. Among his recent writings: “An art in the rough: the cinema of João César Monteiro”, in Lucia Nagib e Anne Jerslev (eds.), Impure Cinema: Intermedial and Intercultural Approaches to Film, I.B. Tauris, 2014.

He has given conferences and workshops in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, Ireland, Brazil and USA.  

Paulo has wrote and directed three fiction films:  

He is now finishing a new fiction film, Clear Nights. 

As a screenwriter, he wrote for other directors 7 feature films, selected to Cannes, Locarno, São Paulo. And the TV adaptation A Viúva do Enforcado, 10 episodes, 1993. 

He also directed 16 theatre plays. And he has been an actor in 11 feature films and in series and tv films of several nationalities.  

Schedule for winter semester 2023/2024:

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
13.10.2023 10:00–12:00 Jitka HEJTMANOVÁ Projection Room
Lažanský palác
lecture parallel1
14.10.2023 10:00–12:00 Jitka HEJTMANOVÁ Room No. 3
Lažanský palác
lecture parallel1

Schedule for summer semester 2023/2024:

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