Fundamentals on Narrative 1

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311FUNA1 ZK 3 3T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

1.Knowledge and understanding.

Aristotle's Poetica, orientation in the drama development.

Cognitive and Intellectual Skills

Independent ability to create the drama using balanced, logical and supported argument.

Synthetise, appraise and evaluate reality and fantasy.

2.Cognitive and intellectual skills

Students are able to work autonomously with limited supervision.

3.Key Transferable Skills

Communicate clearly, fluently and effectively in a range of styles appropriate to the context.

Engage effectively in debate and present arguments in a professional manner.

Mode of study

Lecture, 3 hours a week, no need to begin this module with ideas already formed. Students are expected to do additional work outside of these hours /movies, reading, theatre, exhibitions/

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

The first idea, originality of the proposal, communication between character and the plot, mystery of the creation of artificial reality, Aristotle's Poetics, five act drama, structure analysis, exposition, collision, crisis, periphery, catastrophe. Three act structure, what is necessary to know about your characters, set up and pay off. Mythology. Relevant sources, the truth versus our fantasy, fight or synergy? The magic of development and polish.

Recommended or required reading

Aristotle's Poetics

The Screenplay, Syd Field

Film Art: An introduction, Bordwell, Thompson, Smith

Assessment methods and criteria

This model is marked based on 100% in course assessment. This assessment is submitted in the following part:

Each student will write a couple of the film structure analyses to prove rigor and depth of research, clarity, originality and critical consideration.



Schedule for winter semester 2020/2021:

Hybrid online/on-campus
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Tue 15:40–18:05 Eva PAPOUŠKOVÁ
Hybrid online/on-campus parallel1

Schedule for summer semester 2020/2021:

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