Survival Czech - Orientation Week

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311CZAP Z 1 10S English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students get familiar with the place and culture within 4 days intense course. The knowledge is shared on the background of the Czech language.

Mode of study:

Mode of study

4 classes in 4 days in a row within the Orientation Week.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No previous knowledge of Czech is required

Course contents

During the short intense course students will receive information about Czech Republic in general, its geography, climate, history but also mountains and snow, rivers, ponds and lakes. Language-wise the Czech will be compared with other Slavonic languages from today´s as well historical perspectives. Students will have a chance to find similarities but also differences (most obviously in alphabets).

Along with the history and culture the basic phrases are revealed and repeated so participants become familiar with them. Common Czech is introduced, Czech influence on other languages and vice versa. The core grammar structure of the language is briefly mentioned and compared with other language families.

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100% participation



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