Camera workshop - Lighting exercise

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311CWLE Z 2 English winter

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Michael GAHUT

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students will learn the core skills of the studio work with a light but they also will be able to apply gained knowledge durinig all shooting (different sets).

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Course contents

One-day introduction to the Studio lighting procedure.

Recommended or required reading


Assessment methods and criteria

Students and tutor will evaluate Camera workshop during the following Mentor Workhops together.


When: October/ November 2012

Length: 1 day at FAMU Studio, Studio B, from 8:30 - 16:30

Mentor: Michael Gahut

Evaluation: in following mentor workshop (most probably at Barrandov film laboratories - students and M. Gahut are present on telecine at Barrandov)

Material: film, 16 mm color Kodak Vision3 500T, 2 x 122 metres + telecine transfer, 1 light print

Equipment: Aaton 16

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