Creative Writing

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311CW Z 2 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students learn the demands of sustained creative activity in connection with the requirements of publication or preparation for production. Students learn how to defend and promote their approach to their own work within a justifiable framework of critical study of both contemporary and historical contexts. Students will gain an understanding of the personal, critical, social and commercial pressures within the creative process (in consideration of this deadlines will be strictly enforced).

Mode of study

Class teaching, seminar, exercises, student assignments

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No prerequisites, but students should have a keen interest in the writing process and be willing to read for a daily short period across a wide range of genres and formats. A subversive approach is recommended. Class will use other art forms (poetry, music, dance, photography, sculpture etc) as a means to access literary concerns.

Course contents

This course is designed to give students an in-depth experience of the creative writing experience and the personal and creative challenges faced therein. Students will engage with the process within themselves, but also be required to develop an awareness of how other writers and artists of note have met similar challenges and either overcome them or not. The focus is on creative self development within an immersive context. Students are not restricted on the topic they present for their final paper.

Recommended or required reading

Students might find ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron an interesting primer to consider.

Other readings (often short) will be presented in class for student discussion and response. These are selected without notification so that response is followed by in-depth analysis rather than vice-versa.

Assessment methods and criteria

Class feedback, class contribution. Final assignment/paper will consist of a major piece of writing, though this does not necessarily need to be in screenplay format.



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