Production workshops for PTS 2

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311WPTS2 zápočet 1 30 hodiny výuky za celý semestr (45 minut), 3 až 8 hodin domácí příprava česky letní

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  1. Look back at Fall semester, feedback on their work, Q & A

Getting everybody on the same page on the roles within the crew and their responsibilities in FAMU production environment.

A special workshop with APP Students: Production boot camp (16. 2. 2019)

Going over production specifics, rules and guidelines together with APP directors & cinematographers to clear any possible misunderstandings before the semester even starts.

  1. Script breakdown, locations

A short repetition of script breakdown. Locations - where to look for them, best practices, what does it cost, what to take care of in the first and last place.

  1. Casting & actors

How to properly do casting, how to take care of actors, communication with them.

  1. Equipment & transportation

Examples of equipment, going over their size, importance, what are they for, what to look out for. How to figure out logistics for transportation, best practices, what not do to.

  1. Budgeting, contracts & paperwork

Going over budgeting templates, setting correct prices per items, thinking where is a space to save some money. Essential paperwork walk-through (repetition from last semester) plus added contracts.

  1. Catering & on-set rules and guidelines

Importance of catering on set, how to deal with it, where to find the best one, practical examples. On-set etiquette, rules, and guidelines - when to talk, who to talk to, how to delegate on set, going over responsibilities again.

Consultations (27/03 - 30/04)

During the production period of exercises will be given the option to students to come to consult their project at any time (after setting a meeting in advance).

  1. Post-production workflow

How it works in post-production, what are the processes, what to look out for. Editing, sound design, sound mix, colour grading, exporting. Backing up the files.

  1. Festivals, screenings, online distribution

What are the best festivals there are, rules and fees for applying for them, how do screenings work, restrictions of online distribution?

  1. Distribution & marketing

How to distribute your movie, how to promote it. Example of good and bad practices.

  1. Bonus: Financing your upcoming movies, life after FAMU

A special class of the semester - how to finance your movie, where can you get the money, what to look out for.

Výsledky učení

Student will be able to manage production workflow, communication and processes in a short movie in a role of a Production manager. Student will be able to assess critical situations and resolve them. They will also learn to delegate the work between their PAs.

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Attendance, maximum 2 missed classes. Student have to deliver given homeworks.


Lecturer: Jiří Fusek

Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2022/2023:

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Rozvrh na letní semestr 2022/2023:

místnost 107
Učebna 1 (FAMU)

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místnost 207
Učebna 2 (FAMU)

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Datum Den Čas Vyučující Místo Poznámky Č. paralelky
Po 10:40–13:05 Věra MÜHLDORFOVÁ Učebna 1 (FAMU)
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přednášková par. 1
St 12:20–14:45 Věra MÜHLDORFOVÁ Učebna 2 (FAMU)
Lažanský palác
přednášková par. 1

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