Surviving the Film Industry

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311STFI zápočet 1 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 7 až 12 hodin domácí příprava anglicky zimní

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The class is designed based on the feedback of APP and CDM students in past years. Its goal is to equip you with essential skills and knowledge to apply both in the school environment as well as in the real world.

This class is divided into three parts – the first one is understanding the Production part of making movies. The second part is about building and keeping relationships. And the last one is all about your career options and your potential future.

Part I: The Role and the Work of the Production Department

  1. Roles & responsibilities in the Production Department

Getting everybody on the same page on the roles within the crew and their responsibilities. Differences between the industry standard and FAMU.

  1. Communication

Basic guidelines on how to properly communicate with the FI Production Office, crew and with external vendors. Do's and don'ts of communication.

  1. Locations

The basics of how to look for locations, what to look out for, how to write a description for the production department, how to do scouting and recce.

  1. Casting

How to write an accurate character description, talk (and not talk) to actors and agents, and work with them during (pre-)production. Types of auditions and how to approach them. Working with agencies, agents, theatres, DAMU and other schools.

  1. Budgets

Going over the money – how much does it cost to make a movie, what are the rates, how to read budgets?

  1. Czech Production Environment Specifics

Explaining the specifics of the Czech production environment, working with the elderly, older generation, going over cultural differences you might experience. Pros & cons of shooting in the Czech language.

  1. On-set Rules and Guidelines

How long is the working day, rules related to over-work, the importance of catering and troubles with a starving crew, first aid information.

  1. Paperwork

What document is what, how to prepare, format, submit them, and what to look out for.

Part II: Building and Maintaining Relationships

  1. Relationship Between you and Producer, You and PM

Understanding how to approach building a long-lasting relationship with a producer, setting expectations on both sides, and sustaining such relationships. How to set up the environment for a successful collaboration.

  1. Communication, Again

How to define boundaries, expectations, why are honesty and transparency important. What is radical candor. How not to take comments and feedback personally and how to give one.

  1. Maintaining Relationships

Starting and building relationships is one thing, but maintaining them is another – what to keep in mind, what not to do, understanding the other party’s needs, and finding common solutions.

Part III: Your Future in Filmmaking

  1. The Importance of Limitations

Why limitations are important, what they can do for you as a filmmaker.

  1. Treatments, Pitches and Getting People Interested in Your Project

What is treatment, synopsis, tagline, logline and how to make them. How to prepare for a pitch. How to get people interested in your project.

  1. Work Ethic & Self-care in the Film Industry

How to maintain a good work ethic, work/life balance and mental health.

  1. Personal Branding

What is branding and how to make your own.

  1. Advertising Production

Making money by working in advertising. What is an Agency producer, what's the difference between them and production company Producers.

  1. Online Production

Making content for online televisions, YouTube channels, social media and other formats.

  1. Current Trends in Filmmaking

What is moving the current world of filmmaking – TV Shows, Limited Series, Virtual Production, Reality TV, diversity and inclusion, simultaneous releases of VOD and Theatres, etc.

  1. BONUS: Life After Film School, Q & A session

What's after school, where to get funding, how to apply to labs, network, film festivals. Session of questions and answers you might have regarding your projects, or your future, in the industry.

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Rozvrh na zimní semestr 2022/2023:

místnost 107
Učebna 1 (FAMU)

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Po 10:40–13:05 Jiří FUSEK Učebna 1 (FAMU)
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