Surviving the Film Industry - Life After School

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311SLAS zápočet 1 12 hodiny výuky za celý semestr (45 minut), 16 až 21 hodin domácí příprava anglicky letní

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This class is divided into three parts – the first one is understanding the Production part ofmaking movies. The second part is about building and keeping relationships. And the last one isall about your career options and your potential future.

  1. Work Ethic & Self-care in the Film IndustryHow to maintain a good work ethic, work/life balance and mental health.
  2. CommunicationHow to define boundaries, expectations, why honesty and transparency are important.What is radical candor. How not to take comments and feedback personally and how togive one.
  3. Film Funding, Treatments, PitchesWhat types of funding are available in the Czech Republic and Europe, how to apply tothem, what documents are necessary to deliver. What is treatment, synopsis, tagline,logline and how to make them. How to prepare for a pitch.
  4. Film FestivalsWhat kind of film festivals there are, how to work on festival strategy, what to expect.What are Markets and how to navigate through it. How to get prepared for festivals.
  5. Advertising ProductionMaking money by working in advertising. What is an Agency producer, what's theworkflow when working on a commercial.
  6. Online ProductionMaking content for online televisions, YouTube channels, social media and other formats.Difference between online production and advertising.
  7. Current Trends in FilmmakingWhat is moving the current world of filmmaking – TV Shows, Limited Series, VirtualProduction, Reality TV, diversity and inclusion, simultaneous releases of VOD andTheatres, etc

Výsledky učení

Understanding specifics of the Czech production environment

Essentials of collaboration and communication within the crew

Writing synopsis, treatments, doing pitches

Building and maintaining professional relationships

Different career options in the film and/or advertising industry

Overview of current filmmaking trends

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Participation in classes, homework and attendance.



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24.03.2023 10:40–13:55 Jiří FUSEK Učebna 1 (FAMU)
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přednášková par. 1
07.04.2023 10:40–13:55 Jiří FUSEK Učebna 1 (FAMU)
Lažanský palác
přednášková par. 1

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