Mentor Workshop: Screenwriting 2

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311MWS2 ZK 5 4/W anglicky letní

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Students will encounter the demands and needs of producing original creative material as script for film and moving image. Students will come to understand and appreciate the demands and responsibilities (emotional, social, artistic, political, economic, cultural) placed on them as writers. In short - writers write!

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Creativity and the writer within the discipline of screenwriting and writing for the moving image. A practical approach to writing a short film, a feature treatment (including fully drafted acts) and a series of small exercises for use by cinematographers.


The course is focused on the writer as source, but also the writer as an artist acutely aware of the roles, needs, demands and opportunities presented by other art forms and their practitioners.

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(see individual units - some material will be presented in class as requiring immediate response)

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Attendance (50%) Production of unit exercise pieces (50%). Stated simply - students attend, and students write.


1 Why write - Examinations of motivation, expression and reflection in the work of the screen writer. Launch of expected major outcomes (short film and treatment).

2 Present contexts for writers. Examination of present and historical contexts for writers within personal, social and economic contexts. Expected layouts.

3 Writing for screen 1 Writing for no dialogue. Camera as narrator. Camera as voyeur.

Screen as mask ? revelation or not?

4 Writing for screen 2 Writing monologue.

5 Writing for screen 3 Writing dialogue.

6 Narrator/Narration

7 Defining Character 1

8 Landscape and environment as character and setting.

9 Structure and chronology.

10 Music as character.

11 Individual and group mentorship. Review of feature and treatment progress.

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Čt 09:30–12:45 Tereza BRDEČKOVÁ
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