Introduction to Sound for Film

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311ISF Z 1 10S anglicky zimní

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Participants will get basic knowledge on sound for film in general from this course. Every stage of film production is addressed first in a lecture, then experienced and finally discussed within the Sound for Film: Mentor Workshop.

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This course consists of following topics:

1 – Introduction to sound on set

Theory about location sound, its purpose and dramaturgical importance for the film.

Introduction to sound equipment. First, in general, then to the particular FAMU sound equipment.

2 – Introduction to sound design and dramaturgy

Discussion about different approaches to sound dramaturgy and terminology.

Discussion about sound postproduction stages.

Suited also for directors and editors.

Participants can bring their favorite “sound” moments from films.

3 – Introduction to sound editing (cca 2 hours)

Basics of ProTools and its workflow.

How to prepare a project for mix.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

CHION, Michael. Audio-vision: Sound on Screen. New York: Columbia University Press, 1990.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

100% attendance


Recommended for directors and sound engineers.

Vojtěch Zavadil

I was born in Prague on 21.10.1991 to a middle-class religious family, with which I grew up in a nice neighborhood of Prague 6. I was influenced heavily by them to play classical music from very young age, violoncello at age seven to be precise. I started my high school education at age 11 and throughout the eight years at high school Nad Štolou, which ended with my graduation at 2011, I leaned from classical to rock, reggae, hip-hop and alternative music. I also started a high-school band and did many amateur films, because I was simply fascinated by stories and audio-vision in general. These two subjects of interest of mine have become indispensable for my later professional development. After High school I applied to bachelor's program of sound creation studies at Czech FAMU, which I started in 2012 and finished in 2016. I got accepted right away to the subsequent master at the same faculty which I hope to finish next year. I also successfully experienced Erasmus studying internship at Toulouse. During my studies I worked as an independent sound-designer on many student and also professional films (or other audio-visual formats), which included for example Kiyv Moscow (,

Cykles (,

Performance ( )

and Ohong Village (

I also worked as a sound mixer on few radio documentaries, between which one was very successful: Berka se rozhodl zemřít

And I haven't abandoned music creation as well, I recorded, produced and mixed a handful of records, I am part of an independent music studio Mr.Wombat and still active musician, recently as a leader of a band Loukotě.

I also started teaching basic sound workshops, both in Czech and English, for different topics of sound creation.

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