Double Role

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Michael GAHUT, Valerio Antonio MENDOZA GUILLÉN, Priit POHJALA

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Students will experiment in the basics of cinematic language, including a selection of shots, field size, and camera angles, to properly and clearly communicate an action that has been divided into several different shots.

Students should learn to load and operate a Bolex 16mm camera, to set exposure, to select an appropriate field size, and to appropriately compose a shot.

Students will also learn to edit a film copy on a flatbed. In the process, students should become better acquainted with the rules of editing continuity as well as montage construction.

Forma studia

Practical seminar

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Obsah kurzu

Based on a silent and simple activity, students will shoot, direct and edit a short one to 3 minute Colour 16mm film that will focus on the use of visual film language to clearly express a simple situation. Story content will either be developed in the workshop or assigned by the workshop mentor.

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Even though pass/fail grade assigned the exercise is thoroughly evaluated during the Fall term projects projection (February) by all present tutors, teachers and guests.


Double role process is as follows:

script analysis during tutorial

Bolex camera introduction

Bolex shooting

introduction to Bolex flatbed editing with Mr Brezina


projection in projection room

For detailed plan as well as technical paparemetres of the exercise please ask FAMU International Production Coordinator.

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